Mingle bingo?

With GettingToKnowYouBingo.com you can create customized, random mingle bingo charts. Perfect to us on weddings, big parties, getting-back-to-school, church events or any other occasion where you want to stimulate that people that usually don't talk to each other starts to talk to each other and getting to know each other in a new way that they would never do without a mingle bingo.
This is the best service to create your own Getting To Know You Bingo


The best way to understand, is to get an example how your charts will look like.

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When alcohol isn't enough

it's time to find a new way


What is it all about?

Better than alcohol

Your guests will mingle like never before.


No charts will be like another.

Basic or advanced?

You choose how geeky you want it.

Highly customizable

You can change heading, description and add as many attributes that could match your guests.

We know parties

You guests will be like "Whoop Whoop!"

Scientific Research

Our highly scientific research shows that the earlier your guests starts to talk to each other on your party, the more likely they will enjoy the whole party

Longer party

The more people they know each other, the longer they will stay.

You look good

As a party organizer you will become higly respected when you organize nice parties.

3 X Satisfaction

Your guests will be 3 times more satisfied.



It has already been proven to work on 2 parties before. Are you ready to become the third?

Don't be shy

It's time to act. It's free.

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